At the Infinityblu Skin Clinic, we can help you improve the texture of your skin or repair and restore damaged skin by using one of our effective medical facials or peels tailored match your individual skin specification and needs.

To ensure you receive the specific treatments, products and courses tailored to meet your needs, we suggest an initial free consultation and medical assessment with Sara.

The perfect “lunchtime” peel with no downtime!

This revolutionary beta/alpha acid spa peel stimulates cellular turnover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall skin tone, texture and clarity without downtime.

Approx. 30 mins

Minimize oil production, large pores and inflammation

Cleansing gently followed by a micro-scrub removes impurities and debris from the skin’s surface. AHA’s and salicylic acid are used to minimize excess oil production and tighten pores, followed by a calming oil-free massage with a special blend of moisture factors, fatty acids and amino acids.

Healing is encouraged and inflammation minimized with our exclusive ZO® Bio-Sulfur Masque that adds eucalyptus and kaolin for antiseptic and detoxifying benefits. Calm, clear and healthier oil-free skin is revealed. The treatment finishes with antioxidants, DNA repairing enzymes and powerful sun protection using natural melanin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to minimize acne scarring. Skin is visibly clean, clear and calm.

Approx. 50 mins

Hydrate and rejuvenate moisture-depleted skin

This elegant treatment begins with a gentle hydrating cleansing and micro-exfoliation to remove surface debris. The resurfacing process using mulberry, licorice and bearberry extracts, with kojic and lactic acids enhances brightness, clarity, texture, and addresses fine lines and wrinkles. ZO® Aloe Hydra gel, with cucumber and chamomile, is applied to cool, calm and soothe the skin, followed by pressure point massage manipulations to minimize facial stress and maximize relaxation. The treatment finishes with DNA repairing enzymes, hydrators and sun protection enhanced with natural melanin. Skin is vibrantly clear, firm, strengthened and protected.

Approx. 50 mins
Restore skin clarity, reduce pigment spots and discolouration

This brightening treatment creates a radiant, more even skin tone and texture with citric, salicylic and lactic acids to increase skin brightness, clarity and minimize pore size. A moisture-rich cleansing and mild exfoliation is followed by a vitamin-fortified calming massage. To further brighten the skin, the Ossential® Skin Brightening Sheet Masque, with arbutin and green tea, is applied to minimize the production of excess skin pigment and supply ample hydration. The treatment concludes with powerful ZO® antioxidants, coenzymes and sun protection to inhibit melanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

Approx. 50 mins
* AHA and salicylic acid procedure may be substituted with an Ossential® Herbal Enzyme Gel for the client who prefers a milder treatment, applicable across all treatments.

The HydraFacial® experience is different from any other facial that you may have experienced, as it works in the skin, rather than just on the skin to produce instantly visible results that last. A series of HydroPeel® tips with a unique spiral design which creates a vortex effect are used to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin solutions with potent active ingredients. Visible results will be seen whilst gradually improving health and quality of your skin. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to address specific concerns, which may include general signs of ageing, pigmentation, texture and tone and acne.

Approx. 60 mins

This is a safe exfoliation and resurfacing procedure to remove the top-most layer of dead skin cells to leave fresh, new, living skin cells. Deep cleanse, soften and lift away impurities with this exfoliation technique with no downtime.

Approx. 30 mins


feel and look younger with our non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments...

At the Infinityblu Skin Clinic, we can help you look and feel younger through wrinkle relaxing treatments or injectable fillers.

from £295

The ultimate in non-surgical facial rejuvenation! Dermal fillers can be used around the nose, neck and mouth to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by ageing. This painless procedure will instantly restore volume, shape and definition where it has been lost over time allowing the skin to look revitalized, smoother and younger.

At infinityblu skin clinic we use the Juvederm range of dermal fillers to provide a safe predictable result with results lasting 12-18 months.

1 area - £186
2 areas - £248
3 areas - £289

Banish wrinkles and reduce fine lines with results noticeable after only a few days and lasting 3-5 months. This treatment will target wrinkles and lines caused by facial expressions around the eyes, nose, lips and on the forehead. This is the ideal anti-ageing treatment for tired eyes and frowns! We can also administer to treat ageing of the neck muscles by relaxing them and making the skin appear smoother and younger.

from £186

Botox injections can be used to treat excess sweating of the underarms, scalp, forehead and hands. Results from this treatment can last up to 12 months and can be a life changing if you suffer from the embarrassing condition of excess sweating.

All clients will be guided through an initial consultation of skin concerns and medical assessment with Carolynne Jamieson and specific treatments, products and courses will be tailored to meet individual client needs.


Improve the texture or feel of your skin or repair damaged skin by using one of our effective skin treatments to match your skin specification and individual skin concerns.

from £150

This treatment will smooth, soften and plump up fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating and boosting levels of collagen in your skin, resulting in improved tone and texture of your skin.

Approx. 50 mins
from £75

A safe, effective and straightforward laser treatment that can improve the appearance by making unsightly red facial or spidery veins less visible. Between 3 - 6 sessions may be necessary

Approx. 15 mins- 30 mins
from £70

Utilizing specially formulated skin care products for suppressing melanin formation, help unwanted pigmented skin conditions to appear an even skin color and tone. Combination therapies including Medical facial peels and light treatments may also be used. Treatment time and cost will vary according to the individual.


Put an end to waxing and shaving and consider permanent hair reduction using the latest technology in Lasers for effective hair removal. Laser hair removal can be used on most parts of the body and is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair from visible areas. Areas will be treated approximately every 6 - 8 weeks for body areas and 4 - 6 weeks for facial areas, with courses varying between 6 - 12 sessions. Once an end point is reached this can result in long- term stable reduction in hair growth.

from £40

Laser treatments can considerably reduce the growth of hair on the face and neck for both men and women leaving soft, smooth hair free skin.

Approx. 15 - 45 mins (depending on areas being treated)
from £60

Laser hair removal can be used on most part of the body, including the most common problem areas such as the bikini area, back, legs and underarms.

Approx. 15 - 75 mins (depending on areas being treated)

As all treatments are specifically tailored to meet our client’s requirements and specifications, we suggest arranging an initial free consultation with our Medical Aesthetician, Sara Smith.



This is one of the most popular massages and focuses on built up stress and muscle tension. Excellent for anyone with neck and shoulder aches and pains. A warming, intense, yet soothing massage, dissolving tension in the back, neck and shoulder area with a blend of essential oils designed to relax and de-stress. Soothe away the stresses and strains of the day where you need it most.

Add Hot Stones to your back massage for just an extra £5.

Approx. 40 mins

Feel uplifted and rejuvenated with a full body massage, which will concentrate on pressure and tension points leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered. Promote a feeling of well-being, relieve tension, ease tired muscles and relax as cares are soothed away.

Approx. 1 hr 15 mins

Fully clothed de-stressing massage and relaxation, working specifically on the head, neck, arms and upper back area. This intensive treatment, which uses oriental techniques, frees the body and mind of stress and stimulates the circulation.

Approx. 40 mins

The heat from the warm volcanic stones and essential oils travels deep into the muscles stimulating warm relief and ultimate relaxation. This relaxing treatment which involves the stones being placed and worked along the spine, shoulders and neck or held in the hand of the therapist, can gently stimulate and balance energy points and leave the skin glowing with health. Ideal for alleviating stress, relieving pain and improving circulation.

Approx. 1 hr 30 mins

Specially designed massage for your legs and feet using specific oils to relax and tone your legs and feet. Excellent for lymphatic drainage or fluid retention after a long journey or as a pre or post sports massage.

Approx. 30 mins

This is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears involving a light suction action generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. The relaxing and soothing experience offers calming of earache, headache and pressure of the sinuses and forehead.

Approx. 40 mins

This process can successfully remove inches without effort or discomfort in problem areas, such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms and legs. With immediate results being seen, the wrap helps break down the fat cells, which are then easily excreted by the body.

Approx. 90 mins
Course of 3 treatments - £165
Course of 6 treatments - £300


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