Caring For Dentures

Key Advice

If you have an old set, keep them safe in a rigid container such as a soapbox. Keep plastic dentures in water if possible to prevent them drying out. Remember to change the water regularly, and to disinfect the dentures before using them if required.
Remove your dentures after every meal and give them a thorough cleaning. This is especially important if you have some of your own teeth, which will also need to be thoroughly cleaned to stop the food getting trapped around them where they are in contact with the denture. Any proprietary denture cleanser or toothpaste is suitable, although be careful with metal frameworks, as most proprietary cleaners advise against using them on metalwork.
It is better to remove your dentures at night / while you are asleep if possible.
Disinfect the dentures once a day by soaking them in diluted Milton for at least 20 minutes. (Do not soak metal framework dentures in Milton)
Please attend for regular check-ups. 6 monthly if you still have some of your own teeth left and annually if you wear full dentures. (We still need to screen your gums, cheeks, and tongue regularly to ensure that they are healthy).

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