Cancellation Policy

At Infinityblu Dental Care we aim to address the needs of our patients by providing them with quality dental care in an efficient and timely manner. We ensure this by effective management of our clinical time and our appointment system.

We have invested in systems that provide patients with a complimentary 48 hour email or text message of upcoming appointments as a gentle reminder which also allows them time to reschedule if required. Although we aim to send this to every patient we do advise that this is should not be used as their only reminder, and it is therefore the patients responsibility to make a personal note of any dental appointment they have.

Our goal in communicating our cancellation policy is to avoid any charges being passed on to our patients and to ensure appointments can be allocated effectively.

Short Notice Cancellation & Failure to Attend

We appreciate that there may be time you require to reschedule your dental appointment. In such cases we ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. This allows us sufficient time to fill your appointment space with patients who are on our waiting list or patients who require emergency treatment.

Please note that we require 24 hour’s notice of any appointment cancellation. Appointments that are missed or short notice cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at a rate of £27.00 per 10 minutes.

If you require to cancel a Monday appointment then please leave a voicemail on our practice telephone line or email your practice in order for us to have a note of this as soon as possible.

These charges must be paid prior to booking or attending your next dental appointment.

‘Why not Brought?’ Policy

Along with our duty of care to all of our patients, we take the welfare of our younger patients extremely seriously. If children under the age of 18 fail to attend an appointment our team will contact to request a reason for why the patient was not brought to their appointment. If we deem any recurring reason a concern we will ensure this matter is dealt with in the best interest of the child.

Late Attendance

We work hard to ensure that our clinics are run efficiently on time and that patients are seen on time in order to avoid any inconvenience to them. There may be times that we unfortunately run late due to emergency treatment and current COVID restriction, but we aim to advise patients of this at the earliest opportunity. We do, however, often run late due to late attendance of the patients. We ask all patients to arrive on time to their appointment in order to help us run in a timely manner.

Practice Cancellation

We strive to avoid having to cancel any patient appointment unless absolutely necessary. Although rare, if this is required we will do so by contacting the patients at the earliest opportunity in order to reschedule for our next available appointment. We will also place these patients on our waiting list in order to offer them an appointment earlier if possible.

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