Membership Plans

Are you interested in budgeting for your Private Dental Care spread over affordable monthly payments? At Infinityblu, we offer 2 different membership plan options through our partners Highland Dental Plan.

From plans as little as £14.64 per month, we can tailor our plans to fit any budget, so you can benefit from having all your tooth coloured restorations, routine oral health checks, hygiene visits, root canal treatments, extractions, emergency visits and all other routine dental care included.

What is HDP’s Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme?

The Assistance Scheme is a discretionary scheme and is an integral part of the plan.

You may be able to request assistance for the following:

  • Emergency temporary treatment when away from home or ‘out with’ normal practice hours
  • Treatment following dental injury/trauma
  • Hospital benefit
  • Oral cancer

HDP Emergency Assistance leaflet

Payment Plan benefits

  • Affordable private dental care
  • Encourages regular routine visits
  • No additional costs for treatment required between dental examinations, e.g., lost fillings, root treatments, crown recements, extractions
  • Our aim is to see patients within 24 hours
  • Dental Emergency Assistance worldwide
  • Dental Injury reimbursement
  • Hospital Benefit paid
  • Oral cancer cover up to £1500
  • Family membership discounts apply

For more information on comparison between ‘Pay as You Go’ and Membership treatment costs, please see below.

Examples of Private Fees

Full Private Charge
HDP – Maintenance Plan (10% discount)
HDP – Full Care Plan
Routine Examination (inc. all small x-rays at examination appt) £46.00 no charge no charge
Small X-ray £15.50 no charge no charge
Hygienist Visit (20 minutes) £50.50 no charge no charge
White Fillings (from) £88.00 £79.20 no charge
Simple Extraction £93.00 £74.70 no charge
Root Filling (front tooth) £288.00 £259.20 no charge
Root Filling (back tooth) £444.00 £399.60 no charge
Crowns (Per Unit from) £652.00 £586.80 Lab Fee Only
Bridgework (Per Unit from) £610.00 £548.90 Lab Fee Only
Partial Denture (Acrylic from) £567.00 £510.30 Lab Fee Only

Please note that we require 24 hour’s notice of any appointment cancellation. Appointments that are missed or short notice cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at a rate of £15.00 per 10 minutes.

Membership Option 1 –
Silver Plan

Membership option which covers routine dental health checks, hygiene appointments, standard x-rays and emergency appointments.

Monthly Charges

The banding is based on patient request or dentist recommendation as to the number of hygiene visits per year required.

Band A 2 scales, 2 examinations per year, x-rays and emergency visits £16.14
Band B 3 scales, 2 examinations per year, x-rays and emergency visits £19.99
Band C 4 scales, 2 examinations per year, x-rays and emergency visits £23.80

A standard dental treatment service that covers you for two examinations per year, two/three/four hygiene visits per year (depending on patient/dentist request banding) and all necessary standard small x-rays.

There is 10% discount on ALL private charges for any treatment required or cosmetic treatment requested (excluding dental implants) and 10% discount on oral hygiene products.

Membership Option 2 –
Gold Plan

Banded by dentist dependent on previous treatment within mouth

Band A £20.03
Band B £31.88
Band C £35.83
Band D £45.66

An extensive dental treatment service that covers you for two examinations per year, two hygiene visits per year and all clinically necessary treatment. Patients have nothing further to pay other than lab fees (e.g. crowns, dentures, etc), cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

Please contact on 01350 729198 or 01796 470001 to sign up for your Highland Dental Plan (HDP) membership with Infinityblu and benefit from private dental care with affordable monthly payments.

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