Monthly Newsletter - May 2020

Dear Patients and Friends,

We hope you and your families are all keeping well, staying safe and healthy. It has now been 2 months of lockdown and we are missing all our lovely patients and cannot wait to get back to normal.

As you will know from our updates on social media, all Scottish Dental practices are still being advised by our regulatory bodies and the Scottish Government to remain closed for face-to-face dental treatment. We await further guidance on when we might be able to re-open our doors.

We would like to assure you all that Infinityblu Dental Care & Implant Clinic will only re-open when it is safe for our patients and staff to operate.

We have been working hard to ensure that the practice is as safe as it can be when we do open up again. We have been putting together a detailed plan and procedures to re-open with all the new safety measures in place.

We have always taken cross-infection control seriously, focusing on excellent standards in decontamination and cross infection, and are aware of the importance of this for our patients and team.

However, there is going to be the need for change at infinityblu Dental Care & Implant Clinic to move forward in the COVID environment and we will ensure that our safety and cross infection measures are in place even more than previous, and that our practices are a safe place to be in. We are now sourcing the personal protective equipment (PPE) that we feel will be needed in order to keep both you and our team safe when we resume dental health reviews and dental treatment again.

We have also been using our new-found free time to learn new skills and re-connect with our own community of dentists and their teams which you can read more about in this newsletter or on social media.

Our team are still here for you and we have loved keeping in touch with many of you via social media and on the phone.

If you have any concerns about your dental health, please don’t suffer in silence. Please contact us with any dental issues and concerns through Facebook direct messenger, over the phone on 01350 729198, our book a FREE Virtual Consultations through the link below.

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Do remember that we are continuing to post regularly across our social media channels with oral and general health tips, advice on what to do if you have any issues with your mouth during this time, and team updates which have been helping to keep us connected and positive.

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What we know and don’t know,

What we know

1. We have always taken cross-infection control seriously, focusing on excellent standards in decontamination and cross infection, and are aware of the importance of this for our patients and our team.
2. There is going to be the need for change at infinityblu Dental Care & Implant Clinic to move forward in the COVID environment.
3. We will ensure we put in place increased measures to reduce the risk of surrounding COVID at our practices when re re-open.
4. When we do re-open, the services and treatment we will be able to offer will gradually be increased in Phases.
5. There will be a reduction in numbers of patients we can see on a daily basis but we will address this with increased days and/or extended surgery hours.

What we don’t know

1. When Dental practices will be allowed to re-open.
2. What forms of treatment and services we will be able to offer in what phase of return.
3. Exact PPE (Personal Protective Equipment )that we will be required to wear.
4. If we will need to keep social distancing guidelines.
5. If we will need to leave time between patients in surgeries to allow the treatment to "cool-down".

Once again, we are missing seeing you every day and are looking forward to welcoming you back again very soon. The practices will be operating slightly differently, and we may look slightly different in our new PPE uniforms when we do return, however, we’ll still be the same team, same faces you have come to recognise at infinityblu Dental care & implant Clinic.


How to Build A Micro-corporate in a beautiful area of Scotland and Carry on Growing during lockdown and beyond

Listen to our Director Chris Barrowman talk about the Infinityblu story and background on the Two Reds are Better than One Podcast.



Are you addicted to TikTok yet? We ARE!

Our team members Paula and Michelle have taken on a new challenge Keepie Uppie Lockdown Challenge. We are all surprised about the performance which was NOT expected but well done for no football experience.

Check the videos below to see how they have both done.

7 Day Lockdown Progress

Harder than it looks but with motivation and determination it can be done! Check our Chris’s great progress on walking the Slack Line.


The lockdown has had a huge impact on many people across the UK and the world. It is important to pause, reflect and look after our mental health. Below are a few ideas from the Iblu team to ensure your mental health is in check:

- Stay Active. Keep your physical activities going as they have a good impact on us mentally, even if it is putting music on and getting your dance moves on too

- Keep in Touch. Reach out to your family and friends to talk about how you feel and to check on how they are doing with coping with the lockdown

- Eat Healthy. Make sure you keep a balanced diet and research on healthy diets that work for you and have a good impact on your overall health

- Try to learn something new to keep a challenge and accomplish by making use of the time we now have

- List down all the things you want to do and miss doing once the lockdown is relieved

- Keep a journal or a diary on your daily lockdown routine and a place to reflect as well as refer to when this is all over

- Try home yoga and meditation to relax and improve mental health. There are lots of options on Youtube with different levels as well

Mental Health


NEW Iblu Practice Launch In Alyth.

Infinityblu Dental Care and Implant Clinic is pleased to announce the opening of a 5th practice in Alyth It seems a strange time to purchase a dental practice, however, once the COVID19 restrictions are relaxed, we will be all set to open as Infinityblu.

All Alyth staff will remain in post as the practice switch to the respected Infinityblu Dental Care and Implant Clinic brand.

Click here to access the editorial on the Alyth Launch and details about the practices wide range of services and goals.

PS Thank you to all our NHS heroes and for the stay at home heroes

NHS heroes

Please stay safe and we cannot wait to see you all very soon. Keep checking our social media for updates and to stay in touch.

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