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Smile makeover

For a complete change.

From beautifully simple teeth whitening right through to natural-looking crowns that conceal unsightly defects, we can perk up your lacklustre smile with our collection of cosmetic treatments.

  • Whitening – lighten up at home or in-surgery with professionally overseen teeth whitening.
  • Veneers – our hard-wearing, natural-looking veneers can transform unsightly teeth.
  • White fillings – pick these unnoticeable fillings for a ‘barely there’ repair.
  • Crowns – our custom-made crowns cover all kinds of troublesome teeth.
  • Invisible braces – straighten teeth more swiftly and discreetly.

During a consultation, we help you decide which treatments will create the kind of smile you’re seeking. We can offer a simple but noticeable change or use combination of treatments so you can benefit from a total transformation. Think of a smile makeover as a dental magic wand that we can wave to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamt of!

Teeth Whitening

Sit back and relax while we brighten your smile.

Our convenient take-home teeth whitening kit gently eliminates embarrassing discolouration and offers a beautifully simple way to revitalise your smile.

Your teeth can lose their youthful whiteness for a number of reasons including:

  • Smoking
  • Frequent consumption of highly pigmented food or drink
  • The ageing process
  • Certain medications which can alter the inner structure of the tooth

Our effective teeth whitening procedure can combat unsightly stains and return your teeth to their former shining glory.

Your treatment journey

Before you start on your exciting whitening journey, we will try to work out why your teeth are looking dull to help avoid the problem reoccurring and make sure your teeth stay brighter for longer.

We give you individualised, custom-made mouth trays for a snug, comfortable fit. You can either wear these for short periods during the day or while you sleep. Whichever method you choose, you will need to wear them for around two weeks to achieve a whiter, more attractive smile.

After whitening

Although results are not permanent, you can refresh any lost whiteness by treating your teeth to a top-up. You just need to buy some more whitening gel and use this with your existing mouth trays. It also helps to stay on top of your oral hygiene, avoid smoking and watch what you eat and drink.

We only use high-quality lightening gel designed for dental professionals and carefully oversee the whitening process – a superior and much safer way to make a real difference to your smile.

Teeth-coloured fillings

Discreet repairs for an untainted smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings can provide equally effective repairs as amalgam ones, but they offer a much better-looking alternative. Made from a durable composite resin, they can restore the shape and functionality of a Toothin a pleasingly unnoticeable way.

Tooth-coloured fillings are becoming increasingly popular, and at Infinityblu, we are passionate about avoiding the use of amalgam fillings wherever possible. In the majority of cases, we try to place Tooth-coloured fillings in both front and back Tooth. We can also use these more discreet fillings to replace existing amalgam ones, so your mouth is free from unsightly patches.

Your treatment journey

If necessary, we use a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort and then remove the decayed part of the tooth, as well as any discoloured filling or Tooth surface. We shape and clean the cavity and carefully apply the composite resin in layers.

Finally, the filling is sculpted to look like a natural Tooth and then hardened with a special light, before being polished. At Infinityblu, we are so confident we can achieve the very best matching Tooth-coloured results, we challenge you to point out which Tooth has been filled!

After Tooth-coloured fillings have been placed

To prevent decay from developing around your filling, we recommend you keep your teeth clean by regularly brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and see us for check-ups so we can spot any problems at an early stage.


Conceal flaws beautifully.

A veneer is a cosmetic restoration that fits neatly and securely over the front surface of a tooth to hide little chips or discolouration. Veneers can also be used to disguise narrow gaps or a tooth that is slightly out of position, and they can make teeth look straighter.

Veneers are made from slim shells of porcelain or a tooth-like composite material. They can give teeth an extremely healthy, natural-looking appearance.

Your treatment journey

If necessary, we remove a very thin outer layer of the tooth to enable the veneer to fit neatly in place. We take impressions, which skilled technicians then use to create your custom-made cover-up. It will also be colour-matched to blend in with your existing teeth.

When the new veneer is ready, and during your second visit, we will bond it to the tooth with a dental adhesive.

After veneers have been fitted

To keep your veneer in optimum condition, be sure to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine and attend regular check-ups so we can keep an eye on the underlying tooth. Although designed to be long-lasting, veneers can be damaged, just like natural teeth. Try to treat them with care and don’t bite down on hard foods or open anything with your teeth.

SmileFast Composite Bonding

Get the Perfect Smile

Get a revolutionary smile makeover with custom made composite veneers using Smilefast Technology.

What is SmileFast?

SmileFast is the new development in Smile Design, refinement of the smile and the provision of Smile Makeovers.

This treatment brings together the three essentials of modern cosmetic dentistry all in one; Orthodontics, Ceramics, and Composite bonding. Where it allows us to give you the smile makeover you have always dreamt of in less than an hour with a non-surgical procedure and at an affordable price.

How it works?

  • We take a 3D digital scan of your current smile and using 3D planning technology by SmileFast system your new smile design and treatment plan will be created with the options that fits your dream smile.
  • Once you are happy with the treatment and we can place your new custom designed composite veneer smile in just one application. So within an hour of your appointment, you get to leave with your new smile.

Why Smilefast?

Quicker and more affordable than traditional porcelain veneers, with up to six teeth in one visit. Get your perfect smile today at Infinityblu.

Your Options & Fees:

  • 4 teeth
  • 6 teeth
  • 8-10 teeth

Starting from £499.80 per tooth/veneer.

0% finance available for up to 18 months interest free. Only £96.50/month (4 teeth).

Get your dream smile today at Infinityblu. Call us on 03333050886 to make an appointment.

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