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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry now available at infinityblu Dental Care and Implant Clinic.

Instant results in a SINGLE visit.

Our Digital Services:

  • Digital same day Implant retained crown and bridgework
  • Digital same day crowns and ceramic tooth coloured restorations
  • Digital same day Veneers

Why Go Digital?

  • Same day dentistry
  • No more waiting for results
  • No more 2 visits and 2 injections
  • No more unpleasant impression material – all impression free
  • Faster, easier and better fit for maximum fit and maximum comfort long-term

Infinityblu enhancing your overall dental experience digitally in a faster, more comfortable and more convenient manner.

Prices range from £625 to £695. 0% finance available with zero interest for a whole year.

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Digital dentistry Digital Dentistry

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