IV Sedation

We’re delighted to now be able to offer IV Sedation for the majority of our treatments at Infinityblu.

Sedation and the fear of the Dentist, can it help me?

Some people are extremely nervous of the dentist, so much so that they will not go for dental treatment. They can overcome their fears with Sedation. Our Dentists at Infinityblu are sympathetic about these feelings, so please ask a member of our dental team about ways to help you overcome your fears.

What is sedation?

Your dentist may recommend, or you may request, intravenous or ‘IV’ sedation. This is a sedative drug given by injection, either in the back of your hand, or in your arm. The dose will depend on the amount of treatment needed and how long it will take to complete.

How will IV sedation affect me?

You will become drowsy, but not asleep, and are not aware of having any treatment. You are, however, still able to talk and co-operate with your Dentist, but they’ll calm and relax you so deeply you probably won’t remember much what happened. The effects of sedative medicine take some time to wear off and your Dentist will tell you how long the drugs will take to clear from your body. You won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery during this time.

How much does sedation cost?

The fee for IV sedation is £476.50, which is in addition to your required treatment costs. You will always get a printed estimate before starting any treatment.

If you are interested in find out more or wish to arrange for your dental treatment to be carried out under IV Sedation, please mention to your Dentist or ask a member of our dental team for more information.

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