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SmileFast Composite Bonding

Get the Perfect Smile

Get a revolutionary smile makeover with custom made composite veneers using Smilefast Technology.

What is SmileFast?

SmileFast is the new development in Smile Design, refinement of the smile and the provision of Smile Makeovers.

This treatment brings together the three essentials of modern cosmetic dentistry all in one; Orthodontics, Ceramics, and Composite bonding. Where it allows us to give you the smile makeover you have always dreamt of in less than an hour with a non-surgical procedure and at an affordable price.

How it works?

  • We take a 3D digital scan of your current smile and using 3D planning technology by SmileFast system your new smile design and treatment plan will be created with the options that fits your dream smile.
  • Once you are happy with the treatment and we can place your new custom designed composite veneer smile in just one application. So within an hour of your appointment, you get to leave with your new smile.

Why Smilefast?

Quicker and more affordable than traditional porcelain veneers, with up to six teeth in one visit. Get your perfect smile today at Infinityblu.

Your Options & Fees:

  • 4 teeth
  • 6 teeth
  • 8-10 teeth

Starting from £599.80 per tooth/veneer.

0% finance available for up to 18 months interest free. Only £149.95/month (4 teeth).

Get your dream smile today at Infinityblu. Call us on 03333050886 to make an appointment.

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